Our philosophy is to invest in profitable businesses that enable the natural environment to thrive. We acquire land and act as its guardian. We provide a range of healthy, tasty and nutritious products in partnership with the land. Our aim is to leave the land healthier and more productive by applying a rigorous approach to sustainable improvement. All of this is done with a truly pragmatic focus on profit and value in the long term, both for ourselves and those we partner with.


We are committed to our values based approach and only work with farmers and suppliers who share and are committed to the same values. We call this our "APPLE" values approach:

Animals – our animal welfare and quality of care is of key importance to us with the objective they should lead as natural a life as possible.

Produce – provide healthy, tasty and nutritious food based on pragmatic, organic principles. To supply on a seasonal basis, with a focus on providing to the local market.

People – respect, integrity and partnership based on trust for our employees, our suppliers, our customers and our community.


Land – sustainably farm, working with nature, to ensure the land is in a better state than when we became its guardian. We strive to regenerate at least 25% as natural habitat and improve the actively managed areas.

Enrich – The belief that we can always make things better is at the core of what we do, from the soil, to the surroundings, to our returns. We invite anyone to visit our farms. We openly share our knowledge and lessons learned. We want our pragmatic, sustainable and profitable approach to land management to become the norm and not the exceptional approach to farming.